J. Multidiscip. Res. Healthcare

Counseling in Eye Care

Manisha Kumari Patro

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Counselling, EyeCare, Patient Care, Role of counsellor and objective of counselling

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Health is a basic need. When patients come to the hospital they are very anxious about their condition, cause and the nature of their disease. Many questions play on their mind. Is it curable or not? How much time and money   is required for cure ? Tthey are also anxious to know each and every information related to their disease. Counselling is a very powerful process to allay their fears. It plays a vital role in all segments of health care. Nowadays counseling is no more restricted to treat mentally deranged or drug addicted people. In eye care, counselling is very useful to increase compliance and allay fears.


Patient counseling is an important part of health care management. Due to lack of proper and adequate knowledge or information, patients are unable to take proper decision. Every patient should know about the nature of the disease and the benefits of the treatment suggested by the doctor. Counseling is a process of passing these information to the patient. One aspect of patient counselling is also to help patients who have apprehensions on aspects of treatment, surgery, adapting to hospitalization, resource mobilization. Patient Counselling helps such people in understanding about the treatment, length of stay, cost, prognosis, and plan for their rehabilitation. [1]

In developed countries counselors have a very important role in treatment process but in developing countries it is neglected. the reason may be the larger volume of patients which leads to scarcity of time required to explain everything to the patient to take away anxieties and apprehensions and lack of awareness.

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Counselling improves the quality of service and builds the confidence of patients, which in turn increases motivation in the community to receive proper eye care services rather than going to quacks. Eye is a very vital part of the human body. Everybody needs proper guidance and service to save it. Good counseling can, not only benefit the patient but can also improve the reputation and recognition of the hospital which will have a good social impact and in the ultimate growth of hospital.

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