Peer Review Policy

The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Healthcare follows double-blind, peer-review process upon manuscript submission.

  • Include no names or affiliations or Supplementary Information about the author(s) in the blind manuscript.
  • Remove all author names from the figures.
  • Include following details in the cover letter i.e. acknowledgements, author information, Declaration of conflicting interests statement, Ethical concerns, and Funding information.
  • Remove any author information from the metadata of all uploaded files.

Peer Review Process Steps

  • The corresponding author submits the manuscript to the journal through the manuscript submission system.
  • The Editorial Office ensures that the work complies with the guidelines outlined in the journal’s Author Guidelines menu.
  • The Editor evaluates the manuscript in terms of scope, originality, and novelty. If the manuscript is not as per the merit, the editor may reject it.
  • The handling editor extends invitations to potential & appropriate reviewers until the required number of reviewers is reached–usually two reviewers.
  • Reviewers will consider the invitation against their own areas of expertise, any conflicts of interest, and time availability. They can then choose whether to accept or decline the invitation to review.
  • The reviewer devotes time to reading the document numerous times. The first read provides an initial impression of the book. If substantial issues are discovered at this stage, the reviewer may feel safe discarding the article without further investigation. Otherwise, they will read the document several times more, taking notes in order to construct a complete point-by-point review. The review is subsequently sent to the journal, along with the reviewer’s suggestion (whether to edit, accept, or reject the manuscript).
  • Before making a decision, the handling editor considers all of the returned reviews comments. If the reviews are significantly different, the editor may invite an additional reviewer before making a judgement.
COPE guidelines for peer review processes:

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy

As per the UGC guidelines, it is mandated to have 10% similarity (14 words). Whereas our publishing policy is to limit AI/LLM-generated content to up to 20%.Additionally, it must be stated in the acknowledgment section for what reason an AI tool is being used.